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When finding expert and reliable tree care service and maintenance in the Fresno area, tap into the services of A1 Tree Care Service. We offer end-to-end maintenance and tree care services that are government permitted and state-licensed and certified. Our whole range of services are carried out only by professional and well-experienced arborists, who prioritize your safety as they undertake tree maintenance service in your property.

No job is too big nor too small for us – our equipment and experience make us experts in tree trimming, to massive tree stump removals covering hundreds of trees. We ensure that our tree care equipment can handle industrial requirements, and offer state of the art technology that allows our arborists to safely and efficiently carry out tree care maintenance requirements as quickly as possible.

Our services include landscape solutions that do not just make for well-manicured lawns, but also pave the way for an increased real estate property value. Our years of countless experience will give you the peace of mind that your property will be a safer place, because well-maintained trees are healthy trees that do not cause accidents and injuries, as well as damage to properties.

A1 Fresno Tree Care Service

Tree Care Services should be left to professionals. It is not only a safety hazard, it can also be fatal and at the same time cause irreversible damage on properties. Photo Credit

One of our core services is Tree Removal. If you see the need for tree removal in your property – be it on a residential or commercial land, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can provide you a no-obligation assessment. If in case you are considering tree removal services to ensure the safety of your surroundings then we will be more than happy to drop by your location to evaluate your tree requirement and make corresponding recommendations on the tree care maintenance service that your property requires.

We understand that any damage or injury a tree in your property causes, is you liability so we make the best recommendations and carry on the job as quickly and as safely as we can. Rest assure that you would not have to lift a finger in terms of processing permits and requirements to carry-out tree removal as we have an existing process to cover such requests.

As for tree care, our licensed arborists are trained and skilled enough to treat trees that have decays or have been diseased. We can also address Tree infestations that threaten the life of your trees.

Tree Care Services Offered:

Below is a more detailed look in to the tree care services and maintenance that we provide.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming and tree pruning form part of the basic services that we provide. A1 Tree Care Services is known in the community for undertaking quick and safe tree trimming procedures. Whether it is for safety or aesthetic purposes, we have the necessary skills and equipment to carry out the job.

If you have come to notice a decaying branch on your tree, or it getting lopsided give us a call and we will be scheduling one of our licensed arborists to conduct an assessment on your location. We understand that apart from the safety hazard, a lopsided tree, a decaying branch, or an overgrown tree may be a financial liability for you once it causes damage to properties surrounding it.

Rest assure as well that our licensed arborists are trained and well experienced enough to safely carry-out tree running so as not to harm or injure the trees. Our arborists are also skilled at pruning and trimming trees for landscaping purposes. We are one with you in wanting to have and maintain a well-manicured lawn and a neat-looking property.

Tree Removal

Should you require a tree removal procedure, rest assure that we at A1 Tree Care offer end-to-end services. We will be processing all the necessary requirements and permits on your behalf, carry out the whole tree removal process, we also offer some services that you may need following the tree removal. These include tree stump removal and stump grinding.

Tree Removal is a dangerous undertaking for the untrained and unskilled. And even if one will have an access to professional equipment, this will not be a guarantee that everything will go smoothly in a Do-It-Yourself scenario. We want to eliminate all these risks for you by offering expert tree removal services at a price that you can afford.

At A1 Tree Care Services, we value your convenience, we prioritize your safety. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to provide you with a free quotation.

Stump Removal

Tree Stumps may be turned into decorative garden pieces but it can be an eyesore when left as is. Moreover, it can pose safety hazards as it cannot be readily seen because it is below the line of sight, and at the same time, people can stumble upon its roots.

At A1 Tree Care Services we undertake tree stump removal procedure skillfully given the expert training of our licensed arborists and the top-of-the-line equipment that we have.

Give us a call and we will provide you a free no-obligation estimate, and immediately schedule your stump removal service once we have agreed on the terms of service.

Stump Grinding

Some property owners are fine with the presence of a small portion of a tree stump in their property, and we totally understand that. We can provide Stump Grinding services to remove unsightly portions of a fallen tree or one that has been removed – even to almost soil levels.

We at A1 Tree Care Service have the most modern equipment to quickly, and cleanly carry out this service. Our state of the art Stump Grinding Machine works double-time to efficiently carry out this procedure smoothly.

Imagine, we can even turn the stump into wood chips or any size that you need. Not only that, we have a variety of modern stump grinders that can adapt to your location and the size of your tree stump. So even if that stump is located in a very narrow corner, a hard-to-reach slot, a steep downward slope, or an elevated one, we have the appropriate grinder for the job.

Call us up today for your free assessment and no-obligation cost estimate.

Tree Transplant

Transplanting trees is an option when a tree needs to be removed from a certain property. At A1 Tree Care Services we can help you with this procedure as we offer a full-range of tree transplanting service that has your tree’s welfare in mind, and your convenience – our top priority.

You will no longer need to process anything – from permits to other requirements, up to transportation to your preferred location. We will do everything for you.

We have top-of the line tree balling machines that we use in our transplanting services, and the transport equipment to safely transfer your tree to your specified location. We will make sure that the tree is safely relocated and will thrive where it is transplanted.

Our licensed and expert arborists can carry out the job with ease, as we have handled hundreds of tree transplanting requests and have concluded the procedures as safely and as efficiently as we can.

Give us a call and we will be scheduling a site visit to give you an assessment, present you with your options, and offer a free-no obligation estimate on the tree transplanting procedure that you require. Get in touch with us today.

Fresno’s Expert in Tree Care Services

A1 Tree Care Service has been serving the tree care needs of the Fresno Community for years. The great feedback that we receive from our customers only drive us to do our best each time we undertake tree care services.

Our licensed and certified Arborists are the best and the most experienced in town. They continue to attend more trainings, and hone their skills and experience through continuous educations and seminars meant to keep them abreast of the latest industry techniques that keep them on top of their game.

We are also customer-focused and we go the extra mile in providing best value tree maintenance services. We guarantee as well that our prices are service costs are very reasonable, and we are proud to say that we are very transparent when it comes to costing. You can rest assure that there will be no hidden charges or surprise costs in your final bill.

Moreover, we are fully-insured and bonded giving you the peace of mind that in the very unlikely eventuality that something goes wrong during or after the tree transplanting procedure, there is a fund that can be tapped for claims.

So for our tree care and maintenance needs, leave the job to the experts. Call us up today, and receive your free quote, and no-obligation assessment from the tree authority of Fresno, California — A1 Tree Care Service.

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