Tree & Stump Removal Services

Fresno Tree Stump Removal And Grinding

Tree and Stump Removal services in the Fresno area can fetch anywhere between $500 to $700 for a mid-sized tree, with the average rate costing about $600. Such costs are subject to change depending on the size of the tree, and the requirements for its removal but in general the rate fluctuates anywhere between $500- $700.

The factors that are being considered when removing a tree includes the height of the tree, the circumference of the trunk, and the going labor rate. Special rates may also apply for trees that may be more difficult to remove such as Oak trees as these have tough wood that are very laborious to cut down. Lower service rates meanwhile apply on trees that are easy to cut down and remove such as those that our decayed, dying or already very weak. Since they are easier to process, we do not charge as much as we would charge in removing a healthy tree.

How much will it cost to remove a tree stump?

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Tree Removal Service costs can vary widely depending on the type of the tree, its trunk circumference, and height. Photo Credit

Stump removal is a service that is separate from tree removal. Stump removal involves uprooting the tree, and its cost entirely depends on the circumference of the stump to be removed. Just inform the licensed arborist that undertook the tree removal service on your location and he can give you an accurate assessment plus estimate on the cost, as well as the timeline that should be expected of it. In the Fresno area, the going rate for stump removal service ranges anywhere between $350 to $400 as the cost varies depending on the size and circumference of the stump to be removed.

There are two ways to remove the stump in an area and this is through total stump removal through uprooting, and then the stump grinding, which involves grinding the stump to soil level. Your licensed arborist is in the best position to recommend the best way to remove the existing stump in your property.

How much is the Average Cost for Tree Maintenance Services in the Fresno area?

Tree maintenance procedures are routine needs of every home or commercial establishment owner who has trees on his property. Usual maintenance services that we provide include trimming and pruning, as well as cutting. If your tree care requirement is not among those we listed, feel free to call us, and we will endeavor to provide you with such a service. Regular maintenance costs though usually cost anywhere between $700-$800 depending on the actual maintenance needs agreed upon by the property owner and our arborist. Our licensed arborists can visit your location as frequently as needed to provide you with your tree care and maintenance requirements.

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